The Chromologist, feature article- 4 tastemakers pick their colour of the year. "Interior designer Fiona Squires creates beautiful interiors that are made to be lived in, but lived in exceptionally well." (J. Mcnair, The Chromologist, December 2017)


Homes and Gardens April 2018 issue- featured to discuss Fiona's personal style and tips for furniture in interior design . "Try to up-cycling heirloom pieces as hey can breathe new life into a scheme." (F. Squires, Home and Gardens, April 2018)


Interior Designer magazine, feature article- The essence of a home. "Fiona Squires reflects on the humble kitchen's evolution and how clients are now living and revolving around this all-singing, all dancing room of the home" (Interior Designer, pg 65, May 2018)

 Homes and Gardens, August 2018 issue - Fiona discusses “My London”.

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